Dr. Dolmányos Katalin


I view psychiatric symptoms as resulting from pushing the body, psyche, and/or social role to an extreme. These symptoms are a sign of imbalance in these three interconnected systems and not just a problem in itself. This approach requires time, paying attention to oneself - one's body, one's mind, and one's relationships. Seeking improved physical, mental and social health is an ongoing process. A good healer may be able to help you identify your personal processes and where they go out of balance, but in the end understanding and changing the self are skills each of us continues to work to improve.

Our overloaded lifestyle often leads to the so-called stress disease. Our hurrying, stressful life makes us do things to ourselves that break our body’s harmony, unity and thus, health. How one reacts to stress depends on the individual’s character, which is partly rooted in the genes and partly in early socialization.

There are some people yet who think thatlosing one’s internal balance is a sign of weakness. Many overlook the fact that physical symptoms occur due to an overload of the spirit. However, if examinations find the body healthy and symptoms remain, it is necessary to search for the underlying cause. I find it very important to apply the treatment tailored to the patient’s personality, to restore the patient’s general well being and health.